7 New Generation Blogging Platform You Must Try

7 New Generation Blogging Platform You Must Try

Bored with old school blogging platforms such as Blogger.com (blogspot.com) and WordPress.com? Looking for some interesting new blog places to enjoy the fleshy blogging environment?

7 New Generation Blogging Platform You Must Try


The blog that builds your audience, you will get more views in a hour than a month compare with other platform.
Source: Blogging with Sett now!


It’s a new place where people share ideas and their stories.
Source: Blogging with Medium now!


A clean and safe place for you online that aim to last forever.
Source: Blogging with Posthaven now!


The extremely simple place to blog, aim to build a simplest interface and Svbtle is designed to work the same way your brain works!
Source: Blogging with Svbtle now!


Share your passion, meet with real people like you!
Source: Blogging with Squidoo


This blog platform is more focus on photos. Their slogan ‘Do something meaningful with your photos.’. If you like to take photos and share with the World, get an account now!
Source: Blogging with Exposure!


Easy to get started, 30 seconds to create a free account! Share beautifully using the Evernote and Dropbox all the time.
Source: Blogging with Postach.io

Hope you guys happy with it!

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