clmtrackr - Cool JavaScript Face Tracking, Face Detection

clmtrackr – Cool JavaScript Face Tracking, Face Detection

Wanna create face recognition system with JavaScript? clmtrackr is a powerful JavaScript Library for face model detection via Constrained Local Models (CLM). It tracks people face and output coordinates of the face model as an array.

Clmtrackr Cool Javascript Face Tracking Face Detection

There have few awesome examples for you to see how it works, Tracking in image, Tracking in video, Face substitution, Face masking, Face deformation and Emotion detection. clmtrackr work with numeric.js for matrix calculation and ccv.js for face detection.

Try have have fun with the demos, clmtrackr is an open source and released under MIT license, it’s aim to be a model builder for people able to build their own facial models, excellent library! Hope you will like this face model detection JavaScript or you may call it ‘Face Tracker’.

Cost: FREE
Requirement: JavaScript
Source: Read more about clmtrackr

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