Collapser - jQuery Collapse Text Plugin to Shorten Content

Collapser – jQuery Collapse Text Plugin to Shorten Content

Collapser is a handy jQuery plugin for people to shorten or truncate their element text length by lines, characters and words easily. Just simply click on the Show more and Hide text button to toggle the effects. It’s a useful paragraph manipulation plugin for your web application.

Collapser Jquery Collapse Text Plugin To Shorten Content

These plugin contained total 4 different ways to shorten your sentences, truncate text by lines, truncate text by characters, truncate text by words and the last is to show/hide whole paragraph.

Beside changing the truncate mode there have few exciting features available such as customize buttons, classes and displaying remaining count, block child elements, hide control after expand, expand content by default, callbacks and more!

Collapser is a great jQuery text collapser plugin. Thanks Aakash Chakravarthy who created this in 2014 and shared in open source. Your article paragraph is too long? Your site content need to be shorten? plug this now! Enjoy.

It’s free!

Cost: FREE
Requirement: jQuery
Source: Read more about Collapser

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