Design Trend 2014? Flat Design VS Realistic Design

Design Trend 2014? Flat Design VS Realistic Design Battle

Intacto Digital Partner an interactive agency at Florida created an interesting comic style animation webpage to tell a design trend story: The Battle of Flat Design and Realism! It’s really awesome and meaningful. Beside the story they have also created a mini-game inside the page, nice.

Design Trend 2014 Flat Design Vs Realistic Design

Obviously Flat Design is dominated the whole design World in the year of 2013 as you can see more than 90% modern website also changed to flat design instead of the realistic design (deep shadow, deep emboss, high contrast gradient, etc.), but how about 2014? Realism will be back or still the FLAT? Let see and Happy New Year 2014 wow! Enjoy the info-graphic and have fun with your scroll xD.

Ok that’s all for this post, just a simple introduction for this, click the button below to get started.

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Source: Read more about 2013 Flat Design VS Realistic Design

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