Flipping Text - A Cool jQuery Text Effect Plugin

Flipping Text – A Cool jQuery Text Effect Plugin

jQuery Flipping Text is an awesome and creative text flipping effect jQuery plugin that help people to create a cool ticking text animation for any of your typo introduction. Exactly looks like someone is typing for you!

Flipping Text A Cool Jquery Text Effect Plugin

It’s easy to get started with just one single line of jQuery plugin access code and a simple HTML markup. You are able to make some adjustment with few preset options such as ticker time, custom random characters, ticker count, opacity effect, reset on change, etc.

Thanks Pete.R who made this creative jQuery effect plugin and shared his plugin on GitHub. Download and try this great freebie out, 100% free open source and I can sure you will have fun with it.

Start ticking, happy sharing!

Cost: FREE
Requirement: jQuery
Source: Read more about jQuery Flipping Text

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