floatlabels.js - Cool Label Floating Effect jQuery Plugin

floatlabels.js – Cool Label Floating Effect jQuery Plugin

floatlabels.js is a handy input interactive jQuery plugin to add simple and pretty animation effect to your HTML form input field. This plugin will create a floating input label above the typed text when user typing in the field, smooth transition, quite impressive.

Floatlabelsjs Cool Label Floating Effect Jquery Plugin

For quick setup floatlabels.js can be use thru Google AJAX Libraries API instead of upload it to your own server. In this plugin you may have many options to set such as slideInput, labelStartTop, labelEndTop, Duration of transition, easing type, label class and typeMatches. Just few line of codes to include and of course do not forget to include jQuery too, then you can have this amazing input effect for your application now.

It is free! Hope you will like this simple and beautiful jQuery input effect plugin. There have some demo you can try out in the official plugin page, download and start using floatlabels.js today, enjoy and have fun with it!

Cost: FREE
Requirement: jQuery
Source: Read more about floatlabels.js

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