jCryption - A SSL alternative to encrypt JavaScript data

jCryption – A HTTPS alternative to encrypt JavaScript data

Best HTTPS/SSL alternative sharing today! jCryption is a simple and useful PHP and jQuery JavaScript form data encryption plugin. It’s working exactly like using the HTTPS SSL certificate version.

jCryption - A SSL alternative to encrypt JavaScript data

Its free and best for anyone who would like to encrypt all the application communication data that going between the client and server (such as AJAX requests) to prevent some sensitive information get leaked to the other hands. Compare to the old jCryption (v1.0-2.0), now the latest version is fully compatible with OpenSSL using 2 strong JavaScript libraries CryptoJS and JSencrypt.

Include jcryption.js, create certificates at server side and call the jCryption() function to your form, that’s it! Live demo and example files are ready for you to download.

If you are a web application developer like me, I guess jCryption is a great plugin for you to help protect and keep your hard work ‘sources’ more safety.

Thanks Daniel Griesser who created this cool encryption plugin for free and open source since 2009.

jCryption is released under MIT license.

Cost: FREE
Requirement: jQuery, PHP
Source: Demo/Download jCryption

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