jQuery.Keyframes - Create and Run CSS3 Animations in JS

jQuery.Keyframes – Create and Run CSS3 Animations in JS

These days everyone is working hard with HTML5 and CSS3, jQuery.Keyframes is a jQuery plugin to help generate and execute CSS3 Animation thru javaScript allowing you to concentrate on your content all the time.

Jquerykeyframes Create And Run Css3 Animations In Js

With jQuery.Keyframes you are able to add new animation sequence, add frame styles, add styles and properties, play animations, freeze keyframe animation, resume keyframe animation and even reset animation! jQuery.Keyframes helps you accomplish the multiple keyframes that jQuery .animation() not supported.

This jQuery plugin is written and maintained by krazyjakee, an open source project on hosted on GitHub. Download and get started to use CSS3 keyframes animation through jQuery! Just a quick setup, enjoy.

Cost: FREE
Requirement: jQuery
Source: Read more about jQuery.Keyframes

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