Juani Long Shadows Generator - CSS3 Long Shadow Effect

Juani Long Shadows Generator – CSS3 Long Shadow Effect

Create long shadow for text or any HTML elements using CSS3? Long Shadows Generator (LSG) is a fantastic online tool that help you to generate 2014 trendy long shadow effect in pure CSS code for your web design. It’s using only CSS text-shadow and box-shadow to bring out great long shadow effect which best to use in Flat UI.

Juani Long Shadows Generator Css3 Long Shadow Effect

You are able to adjust the shadow size, shadow opacity and fade strength which to get the best effect match with your design. After the adjustment then you could click the SHOW CODE button below to get the plain CSS stylesheet code immediately, huh easy right? 😀

Long Shadows Generator is created by our lovely Juani and it’s 100% free to use, don’t forget to bookmark this URL for future quick access. Enjoy the new trendy shadow effect! Wish you all the best in 2014.

Why use long shadow effect? It’s the trend of 2014 design, follow or not is up to you!

Good nitez.

Cost: FREE
Requirement: CSS3
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