The best free photoshop alternative online image editor tool

Photopea – Perfect Photoshop Alternative Online for Designers

Good morning guys! Today I want to share a free and powerful designer tool which is an incredible Adobe Photoshop alternative – The Photopea. Some of my friends is always asking me for the Adobe Photoshop installer when they brought a new computer or formatted their OS, what I tell them is please use Photopea instead of Adobe Photoshop no matter is CS6 or CC version.

The Best Photoshop Alternative online tool for designer - Photopea vs Photoshop

Photopea is an advanced online image editor, it is free and supporting PSD (Adobe Photoshop), XCF (GIMP), Sketch (Sketch App), XD (Adobe XD) and CDR (CorelDRAW) format. You can save as PSD or export as png, jpg, svg, gif, pdf, emf, webp, bmp, ppm , tiff, ico, dds, tga, and even RAW format.

Cool Features include Filter effects, Lazzo/Polygonal/Magnetic Select, Object/Quick Selection, MAgic Wand, Crop Tool, Perspective Crop, Slice, Eyedropper, Ruler, Healing Brush, Patch, Red Eye, Clone Tool, Eraser, Gradient, Paint Bucket, Blur, Sharpen, Smudge, Dodge, Burn, Sponge, Pen, Path, Shapes and more! Most of the features you can see in Photoshop, there is available in Photopea too.

No matter you are a Graphic Designer, Photo Retoucher, Vector Drawer or Application Frontend Designer. This tool is really quick and easy for you whenever you need a quick access without using your huge traditional software, just visit the URL you can get started immediately.

Hope you guys enjoy this voodoo magical images edit tool, share to help your friends now.

Cost: Free
Official Website: Photopea

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