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A fascinating website performance testing tool, is an open source website analysis tool (website doctor) that help you check, test, analyze your website loading speed and overall performance. It collect pages data using more than 30 rules (Updated periodically since 2007) and output result as HTML/JUnit XML.

Sitespeedio Analyze Websites To Compare Speed And Performance

With you can test/analyze more than a website at once to compare the speed and performance between each other. About the download and installation, you could install via Homebrew on Mac, with PhantomJS, Java, CURL and xsltproc on Linux, with Git Bash, PhantomJS, Java, xsltproc on Windows.

Why you should use For latest web performance rules, multiple site testing, desktop and mobile free, user timing API metrics, compare and track competitor sites, and the last reason is free!

Thank for the effort of Peter Hedenskog who created this useful testing tool. All the usage documents are ready for you to reference, download now and get started. Enjoy!

Cost: FREE
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